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Special Board Meeting Minutes – August 5,2020

 Hired Jym Seitz as Custodian Hired Lynette Pritchard as Shuttle Bus Driver Approved agreement with Guttenberg Municipal Hospital to provide nurse services Approved open enrollment application for Gabriella Meyers to attend Western Dubuque Schools Denied 19 open enrollment applications to Iowa Virtual Academy Approved payment to Farmers State Bank for bus leases of $31,944.59

Return to Learn Plan

**Parents that do not want their child attending school in the Face-to-Face Model should contact superintendent, Shane Wahls about enrolling in the Iowa Virtual Academy which provides the district with a complete Online Model. Return To Learn Quick Facts CRR2L And COVID 19 Mitigation Procedures


Workplace perks! Mon-Fri schedule: no weekends! Free meals Please contact Laura at 573-795-5535 for more information. Opaa! Food Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer [Read More]

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