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Teacher ISASP Protocol Module Spring 2021

Check with Building Test Coordinators

CheckMark Grahic
Please do not distrurb. We are testing, thanks! Grahic

On The Day of Testing

  1. Open your laptops and check the battery level, must be at least 75%. Plug into power supply if necessary before you begin the test.
  2. Make sure you are on the CRCSD wifi network.
  3. Quit any open applications
    1. Go under the Apple to FORCE QUIT, Quit everything except FINDER and TestTNAV.
  4. Open System Preferences
    1. Disable Siri.
    2. In Keyboarding, Disable Dictation.
    3. Change Notifications in Do Not Disturb to from 8:00am - 3:30pm.
    4. Set screen savers to NEVER.
    5. Change desktop wallpaper to a static picture that does not change.
    6. (NEW) In Energy Saver, Click on BATTERY, move slider to "Turn display off after 1 hour".
    7. Close System Preferences.
  5. Open TestNav and make sure Iowa* is listed at the top.
  6. Run an App Check. Fix issues.
  7. Return to TestNav login page and wait for your proctor to give you instructions.

*NOTE: If you have a student who has used TESTNAV to take an AIMS Web assessment, they will have to switch to the Iowa Assessment: Switching from AIMS WEB to Iowa Assessments - video.

Arrange desks in each room where testing will occur so that students cannot see each other’s papers or computer screens. Remove or cover any teaching aids on the walls.

  1. Make sure that students disable the above settings.
  2. Make sure a test session has been created for the test you are about to proctor.
  3. Have students open TestNav and make sure IOWA is listed at the top.
  4. Have students run App Check.
  5. Have students return to the TestNav Login Page.
  6. Have the student test ticket/login credentials printed and available.
  7. Distribute login credentials to students.
  8. Sit in a position that enables you to monitor student screens at a glance.
  9. Remind students about the need for scrolling to read all portions of the tests.
  10. Remind students about the importance of doing their best on the tests, not only for themselves but for our school as well.
  11. Have students log in using the test/login ticket credentials.
  12. Read the Teacher Directions for Administering the Test available to all students.
  13. NEW - If a student times out of the test or you have to resume a test for whatever reason: How to Resume a Student Test
  14. OPTIONAL - have students raise hand before submitting to be certain all questions have been answered.
  15. OPTIONAL - on the provided roster, write down any score the system may share.

MS/HS Teachers: Please fill out this ISASP Makeup Tests Spreadsheet with the names of students who were missing on the day of testing.

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