Middle School Supply List

6th-8th Grade 2020-21

Clayton Ridge Middle School 

2021-2022 School Supplies


Middle School General Supplies 


2 – Containers of disinfectant wipes (bring to Advisor)

1 – Personal container of hand sanitizer to keep in locker (Optional)

2 – Boxes Tissues (bring to Advisor)

1 – Set of headphones or earbuds 

1 – Student Planner 

1 – Trapper Keeper with zipper and folder pocket 

2 – highlighters

1 – box of colored pencils

1 – pencil case with holes to clip into 3-ring binder 

1 – calculator (not scientific model)

4 – folders with pockets

2 – large package of pencils (at least 24 pencils)

2 – pkg. 3-ring, loose-leaf paper

1 – 1” 3-ring binder (for language arts)

2 – large glue sticks

1 – package lined 3x5 notecards

1 – large eraser

1 – notebook for science

1 – 1” binder for social studies (6th grade only)

1 – backpack, not too large, no wheels or pull-out handle (lockers are too small for these items)


*If you need assistance with school supplies, please contact the Family Resource Center at 563-252-3215 or email: family.resource.center@guttenberghospital.org

Physical Education Requirements

Physical Education Requirements 

(Must have a change of clothing from school clothes) 

-Shorts (loose fitting, knee to mid-thigh or sweatpants; 

must adhere to school dress code


-Pair of gym shoes 


All students will receive a planner on the 1st day of school.