August 11 2022 Board Meeting Minutes




August 11, 2022


The Clayton Ridge Board of Directors held their regular monthly meeting on August 11, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. in the High School Library, Guttenberg.


Call to Order/Roll Call

President John Heying called the meeting to order at 4:06 PM.  Other members in attendance were Mike Finnegan, Ellen Johnson, Jason Reimer, and Christine Aulwes. Alicia Helle and Jessica Bittner were absent.


Also attending were Superintendent Shane Wahls and Board Secretary David Schlueter.


Approval of Agenda

Motion by Finnegan and second by Reimer to approve the agenda adding 6. Set Legislative Priorities. Motion carried unanimously.



Dr. Withers of the Keystone AEA board introduced new AEA Director Stan Rheingans. They addressed the board about the AEA’s role as a support to school districts and the services they provide.


Baseball coaches Casey Zarr and Kole Brandel presented information to the board regarding the baseball program and facility needs.


Wahls discussed maintenance and groundskeeper position vacancies.


Consent Agenda

Motion by Aulwes and second by Johnson to approve minutes of the July 12 regular meeting; the July, 2022 financial statements; and, the listing of invoices. Motion carried unanimously.


New Business

  1. Employment

Motion by Reimer and second by Aulwes to approve hiring Kathy Connelly, Mary Streich, and Louis Cook as TLC Mentors; Casey Zarr as Assistant Coach-Girls Basketball; Jason Tipsword as Jr High Coach-Football; Stan Bockenstedt as Jr High Coach-Boys Basketball; and Bridget Schaufenbuel as Assistant Coach-Cross Country. Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Finnegan and second by Reimer to accept resignations of Shelby Landt as Groundskeeper and Kyle Sperfslage as TLC Mentor. Motion carried unanimously.




  1. Open Enrollments

Motion by Reimer and second by Aulwes to deny one open enrollment application to the IAVA due to lack of appropriate special ed program; to approve open enrollment in application of Peyton Lacy from Ed-Co and an open enrollment out application of Vayda Anderegg to Ed-Co. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Wellness policy

A first reading of Policy 507.9 was held.


  1. NICC Contracts

Motion by Johnson and second by Aulwes to approve contracts with NICC for Health Occupations Academy and for providing college courses. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Board Policy 705.1 Purchasing

Motion by Reimer and second by Aulwes to approve second reading and adoption of Policy 705.1. Motion carried unanimously.


  1. Set Legislative Priorities

Motion by Reimer and second by Finnegan to approve legislative priorities: Standards and Accountability; Preschool; Mental Health; and Area Education Agencies. Motion carried unanimously.



Motion by Finnegan and second by Reimer to adjourn. Motion carried unanimously.


Meeting Adjourned at 6:19 PM