CRHS Discipline Plan

CRHS Discipline Plan

Discipline, Student Rights and Responsibilities

2020-2021 CRHS/CRMS Building Discipline Plan

(General Classroom Disruptions)

STRIKE 1:  Verbal warning

STRIKE 2:  Student name on the whiteboard

STRIKE 3:  Removal to the office (Office Referral=Detention)

  • Mr. Marlow or Mrs. Bilden will contact parents/guardians

Mr. Marlow will cover all detentions from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM on Wednesday each week in the High School Study Hall Room.  Detention must be served the week it is given or the next.

Students will be removed immediately from classrooms with office referrals for the following behaviors:

  1. Threats (verbal or physical)
  2. Physical Aggression
  3. Sexually Inappropriate Language
  4. Patterns of Continued Disrespect/Disruptions

Students removed from class due to behavior will not be allowed to participate in any extra-curricular or co-curricular activities that evening.

Teachers will handle/provide consequences for late work, arriving to class unprepared, etc.

There will be merit activities throughout the year.  Students must earn the privilege of being included and able to attend.  The criteria for attending are listed below:

Criteria for merit activities eligibility:


  1. Students cannot have more than (5) total referrals during the quarter.
  1. Of the 5 referrals, students cannot have more than (2) office referrals during the quarter. 
  1. Students cannot have received any Fs for quarter grades. 


  1. Students cannot have more than 2 office referrals during the semester.
  1. Students must have 5 or fewer absences (unless physician excused), and 5 or less unexcused tardies.
  1. Students must not have received any failing grades for the semester.