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Clayton Ridge Return to Learn Quick Facts

Updated R2L Quick Facts

CR Volleyball Spectator Guidance


Clayton Ridge Volleyball Spectator Guidance

(Subject to Change)


  • Players and coaches will wear face coverings when on the bench or around the school. Players will not be required to wear a face covering during competition.


  • NO FANS expect Clayton Ridge students are allowed to sit by or behind the Clayton Ridge bench. All students are encouraged to wear a face covering.


  • NO Clayton Ridge fans are allowed to sit by or behind the opposing team's bench to limit exposure as much as possible. Clayton Ridge fans should sit with their family. 


  • ALL FANS will be HIGHLY encouraged to wear a face covering inside the building. They will be for sale in the concession stand for 25 cents a piece. 


  • Young children need to be seated with their parents throughout the event. We thank parents ahead of time for helping to reinforce this expectation. 


  • Fans will enter through the event entrance. Fans will be asked to use hand sanitizer and to social distance as much as possible. The first row of seating will be unavailable in the gym.


  • Seating in the commons area will be arranged for social distancing, based on the recommendation from the Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union.


  • Concessions will be available, but hot food will not be for sale.


  • Restrooms will be available and will be cleaned before and after every contest.


  • DO NOT attend if you have been in contact with anyone who has had a positive COVID-19 diagnosis within the last 14 days, or if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19: fever > 100.4, cough, fatigue, aches, loss of smell/taste, sore throat, runny nose, nausea/vomiting.

CR Football Spectator Guidance

Clayton Ridge Eagles logo

Clayton Ridge Football Spectator Guidelines

(Subject to change)


Seating: Face coverings will be HIGHLY recommended for fans to wear if sitting in the bleachers. It is also highly encouraged for places that are hard to social distance. Coaches, players and members of the team will be required to wear a face covering on the sidelines, but NOT on the field of play. 


Concessions: Will be available before and during the game. We ask fans to stay 6 feet apart while in line.  


Restrooms: Will be available for use and cleaned before and after the game. 


Spectator Expectations: 

  • Accept personal responsibility for following public health guidelines.
  • Sit with family members when able
  • Practice safe social distancing when possible
  • Abide by posted signage. 
  • Young children will need to be seated with their parents throughout the event. We thank parents ahead of time for helping to reinforce this expectation.

Covid-19 Help for Parents

How to talk to your child about the virus.

Hello Clayton Ridge Families. Sharing with you the following tips for parents about talking with your children to help them understand and keep safe during times of stress and illness. The linked Youtube video, "The Yucky Bug" was shared by the CDC and is a great resource for helping your kids understand recent events as they are unfolding. #StaySafe #StayHealthy #EaglesCare

A personal note from Mrs. Thomas, Clayton Ridge Elementary School Counselor:

"I know that social media has provided a wealth of online resources over the past couple of weeks. As I find myself at home thinking of all my elementary students, I decided to put together a page of social and emotional resources. (Please click on the attached link to access the resources.) Developmentally, elementary students will look to parents and caregivers for guidance on how to respond to stressful situations. When talking to children help them cope by staying calm, listening, and offering reassurance. I hope these resources find you safe and healthy. Take care and #EaglePride."

The Yucky Bug Page 1
The Yucky Bug Page 2

The Yucky Bug by Julia Cook

Thank you to our elementary school counselor Mrs. Thomas for sharing these important resources.